What is stc’s Maraphone app, and why?

In December 2019 stc removed its old mantle and went towards being a digital company instead of a traditional telecom operator, a line it had planned years earlier, but it became a public and announced strategy, starting with entering the financial technology market Fintech in stc pay and ending with the launch of the nascent company days ago for cybersecurity solutions . These are areas of diversification of income and a contribution to establishing the digital economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In parallel, stc has created a small platform called stc lab, through which it aims to launch miniature and simple digital products that make people’s lives easier. So far, this platform has produced applications such as:

  • Tyube Tuby :applicationusescontentYouTube for children,difference between him and YouTube that channels offering content specific and selected,means thatchild will notexposed to inappropriate content in videos relevant and will always be clean content 99.99%,addition to that parents can accept allcontent before Or block some channels according to what they see appropriate for their children, the idea of ​​the application is not based on choosing the right content for your children, but providing the appropriate tool for you to choose and determine the appropriate or not, the application is about 3 years old and is widely used because it solves a real problem with Parents in dealing with their children.
  • And Atsabi Wtsappy : How many times you need to sendmessage or share your location with someone once on WhatsApp? And I discovered that you should save this number first in contacts, a WhatsApp application that enables you to communicate with people on WhatsApp without saving their numbers in your contacts, very useful in dealing with delivery representatives and people you talk to only once, a ridiculous idea? Yes, but it saves a lot of your time and keeps your contacts clean of numbers that you will not need again, see how to use it from here .

Now you can see that stc lab provides solutions to local problems that face us in our daily routine, free of charge and free of ads, but are the applications only for problems? No! Yesterday, stc launched the Marafone app ? Let’s look at this app from different angles:

  • The name : It came from Marathon + iPhone = Marafon.
  • Objective : To raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Motivation : employing technology to help raise awareness.
  • Influences : Part of stc’s social responsibility, which is not limited to material contributions only, but goes beyond it towards employing technology to create rich and simple local solutions to pure local problems, and a contribution from the group through the introduction of technology in a sustainable way to improve the quality of life of the Saudi society, in order to raise the quality standard for living in a Saudi society Digital and advanced, and because stc is the digital enabler for the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, and based on its role towards activating this vision, which consists of 3 main axes :
    • A vibrant community
    • An ambitious nation
    • A thriving economy
      • Its roots are well established
      • Its construction is solid
      • His environment is booming

A healthy and balanced lifestyle is an essential pillar of a quality of life, and we recognize that opportunities for regular exercise were generally limited.

Therefore, today we strive to encourage active participation in sporting activities and events, and we are working with the private sector to create additional facilities and programs dedicated to this purpose.

This will result in a greater diversity of sports and entertainment options available to citizens and residents, and it will also help us achieve what we aspire to be excel in certain sports at the regional and international levels.

  • How does the app work? : The application requests access to health data on your mobile and calculates the average distance traveled during the past four weeks and then sets a goal for you to achieve within a week from Sunday to Saturday, goals vary according to your average for the past four weeks, meaning that if your average is low, it will be your goal High, and if your average is high, the goal will be simple, the goal of this mechanism is to encourage the inactive to move more to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to raise the level of sports practice towards improving the health level of individuals, which leads to raising the level of community health in general.
  • How do you win? By achieving the goal, you will be entered into a draw for the announced weekly prizes.
  • Why drag and not the most distance traveled? : Because there is a small segment that walks long distances and relying on the distance will make this category always the winner and the ultimate goal of the application which is to encourage everyone, the drawing of those who have achieved their goals encourages everyone and equals the chances of winning regardless of the distance traveled.

In conclusion,

  • To know more about the application, click here .
  • To download the application, click here .
  • Will this be the last app from stc’s family of small applications and technical solutions to everyday problems? of course not.
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