The dream opportunity: the SDP program from STC

SDP opportunities do not come twice, and I think I am lucky to be in STC when I decided to start a program to build a specialized and highly qualified workforce in technical fields. When I joined the company in 2014, I recently attended the CEO of the time, Dr. Khaled Al-Bayari.In it he said that the company is working on a development program for the technical staff that focuses on building an expert in his field who is not occupied by an administrative work, directed specifically to the creators in their work and specialties, aiming to develop these people through intensive programs to raise their technical skills and preserve them by giving them similar benefits Which workers in the administrative field get to the point where they do not think twice about continuing in their technical field, which gives the company a high competitive advantage in the presence of highly specialized and qualified people in all its operational and operational aspects who can return to them and benefit from their expertise and reduce the use of global consulting companies to the minimum possible, Beautiful, wonderful and joyful words for those who love their specialized work and practice them passionately, but it passed by and forgot at the time.

At the end of the year 2017, I was nominated for a program called the Specialty Development Program – SDP, and I went through extensive tests and interviews that led to my acceptance in this program. Ahmed al – Ghamdi added to a lot of senior management officials of the company and its board of Directors until he saw the light of this program, and even after the departure of Dr. Khalid support the current CEO Nasser Al – Nasser This program is with all the strength of its belief that building expertise within the company contributes greatly to improving performance and rationalizing spending, noting that the program started from the Technology and Operations Unit, which was headed by Engineer Nasser before he became president. Let’s postpone the verdict until I explain to you in detail what SDP is and why it is a dream program for me, at least.

The program philosophy is based on:

  • Attracting people who are skilled in their technical fields who work with passion and are not interested in the administrative field from inside and outside the company through their passage through several specialized and intensive tests in preparation for their joining the program that contains 50 tracks, including but not limited to: (digital marketing – project management – networks) – Digital Law – Cybersecurity – Human Resources and others).
  • The employees who do not occupy administrative positions in advance will not occupy them in the future, while the employees who currently occupy administrative positions will leave those jobs and specialize in their field without any administrative responsibility.
  • Each member of this program has a plan called the Individual Development Plan – IDP that occupies 30% of his time as an employee specializing in the field, aiming to raise the level of knowledge in his field through training courses, workshops, attending conferences, meeting specialists in his field and other sources of knowledge, and allocating 70% The rest is for his daily activities
  • The organizers participate in this program in the company’s related projects, even if they are outside their departments, to raise the level of specialization and knowledge of the actual practice of what they learn and not be satisfied with training and so on.
  • Those who join this program are given higher incentives and benefits that make the transition to the administrative field just to obtain benefits a thing of the past.

In short, the program ensures the building of highly qualified technical competencies within the company that will help it achieve four main objectives:

  • Building a high-level consulting team in all sectors of the company
  • This team is involved in building new incomes for the Business Development company
  • This team participates in projects to reduce company expenses
  • This team helps the company to improve the business environment through innovation

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