The digital system suitable for the Saudi market, SDF

The digital system suitable for the Saudi market, SDF

Well, in the previous post we referred to the question that has no direct answer ( Do you know someone good in the digital? ), This question that has occupied me for a long time due to the lack of a detailed answer to it that fits the local market, there are thousands of articles, books and postal pamphlets, but between this and that :

  • What is suitable for the Saudi market?
  • A Saudi young man interested in digital, how to start?

To answer these questions, we need two parts:

  • An overview of what digital is.
  • A breakdown of each axis in a separate blog post.

I built a simple form ( download it in PDF format ) called Saudi Digital Framework or for short – SDF – according to my modest experience in this field consisting of 14 axes, I will review them in a simple way here and then I will devote an independent blog to each of them to talk about in detail.

  1. Strategy & Leadership: Although this element is very advanced and it is not supposed to start with the one interested in the digital field, I added it first to highlight the importance of having a strategy for the company or system in which it will work. Right.
  2. Content: The king of communication and communication, the starting point and one of the most important elements in marketing and communication, has many ramifications in the digital (banner – infograph – video – motion – video – text – or even mobile content), which we will discuss later.
  3. Community management: Managing social networking sites and accounts: One of the most common and sought-after types of employment due to the ease of starting and engaging with it and the lack of much experience in the beginning, but it is an existing and very basic art in digital.
  4. Paid Media (Branding) Paid Advertising for the Purpose of Promotion: It is the advertisement of the content of the company or organization for the purpose of raising consumers’ knowledge of the company, product or service provided. This includes visual advertisements from banners on websites and applications, tweets and publications posted on social networking sites and video platforms in addition to advertisements In search engines.
  5. Paid Media (Performance) Paid Advertising for the purpose of sale: It is like its predecessor, but it focuses on the customer or recipient to implement a later step, such as buying a product or service from a regular store, downloading an application, purchasing from a website or filling out a specific form for the purpose of communication later.
  6. Analytics: a very important skill to know in the right direction or not? Whether it is through knowing your website visitors and what they do there, the percentage of interaction with you on social networks, or how much you pay and get in paid ads, the statistics solutions are many and very complex and overlap with most digital axes without exception.
  7. Technology & Development: Although it may seem within the competence of the developers, the general understanding in this region is very useful for dealing with developers and for creating new solutions in the event that there is no general solution to a problem or to seize a sales opportunity, most of the time you will not need to be a developer, but it must Knowing how to write a detailed request for a developer to implement it, and it is also important to keep you informed of the latest technologies and technology solutions in the field in which you work from tools, paid services, SaaS, and others.
  8. Soft Skills General Skills: Project management, presentation skills, and dealing with independent developers are all skills that must be mastered if you work in this field. We have a detailed pause with good materials and exercises to learn these skills.
  9. UX / UI User Experience and User Interface: If you have a website or application, you must know exactly the behavior of your visitors to your site or application and the most appropriate ways to convert this behavior into a desire to buy or interact with your product, whether by changing the experience itself or by modifying the user interface, the field is forked and overlapped. A lot with psychology, but it is very organized, and you can always get information through several techniques, the simplest of which is A / B Testing.
  10. Digital PR Digital Public Relations: How do you manage your relationship with the public and media in the digital age? Although this point in particular is not developed enough in the Saudi market, its understanding is essential, even in an advanced stage of your digital work.
  11. Crisis Management: If your organization or company decides to enter the digital world, then expect more problems and bigger crises for the trivial reasons, so digital workers must know the basics in dealing with crises and managing them carefully and wisely according to principles that we will address in detail, and examples are many and daily in the Saudi market Specifically on Twitter.
  12. Offline Digitization: Digitization of traditional stores: This axis refers to organizations or companies that have many branches on the ground and have a large presence on the digital platforms, and what are the most appropriate ways to connect the customer or user experience between these platforms smoothly, an important topic, but the focus on it is almost limited to simple companies in Saudi Market.
  13. AI / BI / BigData Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: An advanced field and many do not see it as one of the branches of digital communication, but understanding it helps workers to translate a lot of the data that workers in the digital get into useful information or link it with the data that the organization or company owns.
  14. Consultancy: When you are familiar with most of the above axes, I invite you to learn more about consulting in the digital world, which is a new field that major consulting firms have begun to focus on, and it adds another dimension to your experience in this field and strengthens you in other aspects of business such as finance, logical thinking and others.
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