Personal experience and historical narrative

I got acquainted with the Internet in the year 1998, almost a year before I entered the university, and I went through all stages of the Internet in Saudi Arabia with its bittersweetness, I specialized in computer engineering and graduated as an engineer and then worked in information technology, but I liked the internet more, and I discovered that what I love about technology and the Internet is different. Exactly about what I studied at the university and what I do in my work, so I decided in the year 2013 to change my career path from information technology to digital marketing or (digital), it was a difficult decision, but I decided to do what I love and not keep it as side work.

My career experience in digital marketing was between two companies, the first is small and can be considered Startup is N2V and the other is very large by all standards is STC, I enjoy my work a lot, but over time I started to suffer from a problem that I had not heard about before, and my colleagues who preceded me at work did not address it. The problem is that you become so immersed in administrative work that it takes you from your work that you have passion for, so your time begins to erode without you realizing, and your practice of work that develops your skills and saturates your passion and enthusiasm decreases, but after a little thought you realize that this is the price of promoting a career, becoming As a manager and responsible for your team, this is the way to greater powers and better job benefits, which is unfortunately something common in most companies, except for what is rare.

So, to summarize the problem: employees with high technical skills move from their field of work as specialized employees to compete for administrative jobs, obtain them and climb to the top to obtain better financial advantages, because staying in their jobs usually reduces the percentage of them getting better salaries or benefits, and that is why they leave passion and creativity With their work that they master to the field of administrative work.

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