Occupation? Or a job with passion?

Occupation? Or a job with passion?

Thank you for the first look, I’m going back to microblogging and what can’t be put up on Twitter. Last Thursday, I was in a mini workshop of ZenDesk, the owner of the most popular “technical support” solutions on the Cloud, serving nearly 20,000 companies, the most famous of which is Twitter.

The organizer is a French person from an Algerian mother, he worked for a French company in Paris in the IT department, this company started using ZenDesk to provide technical support to its employees and our friend here was responsible for preparing this system, and his passion for the system and its ease of use, and for what he gave From suggestions for his development to the developer, ZenDesk made a job offer for him which ended with his move to the company’s London

offices and work as a pre-sales consultant.When our friend became passionate about what he does, he got a job promotion and is now preparing to move to ZenDesk’s parent offices in Silicon Valley.

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