Introduction: Before talking about Martech Marketing Techniques

Introduction: Before talking about Martech Marketing Techniques

There is always tech in various and famous fields such as FinTech or financial technologies, EdTech or education technologies and many others, which can be launched on the digital world or the Digital Landscape, and there are many start-ups and big ones in the billions that we hear about their news from time to time, but there are A domain called Marketing Techniques or Martech, which will be the focus of our conversation in this blog, and we will agree to call it conventionally, “Martech.”

This post is an introduction before exploring this world, through which I aim to:

  • Confirming the information and knowledge that I learn by writing about it and discussing it with those interested.
  • Correcting my wrong information by making use of others’ experiences. (Yes, expect me to err a lot.)
  • Providing assistance and advice to those who need it for free and as much as my time permits.

But why exactly martic? In the world of business or digital digitization, the revolution in providing services has emerged through the use of technology, so we see an educational platform that uses technology to facilitate learning. This seems obvious, but let’s agree that every platform / product on the Internet has two sides, one of which is technical and the other is commercial or business.

All workers in these fields use mart or marketing techniques, whether they know it or not, how? The website, application, alerts, newsletters, statistics, publishing systems on social networks, tools for listening to the opinions of the audience on social networks, all come under the name of MARK, so it is possible to define the MARK before delving into this definition as: It is every piece of technology that he uses An online activity / platform to facilitate business and make better decisions. It seems easy and it seems that many people use martin in their work without knowing it? It is true, but let’s postpone the answer to that to later notes.

This blog will be fully Arabic, and it will undoubtedly include many definitions and sources in the English language. I hope through it to be of help to entrepreneurs who work on start-up projects of their own first, and for workers in the field of marketing and the technologies associated with it in the major agencies and companies as well, I will write in it as permitted It is my time and I hope it is a useful reference for everyone

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