How much do we need like Dr. Khaled Elnemer @ALNEMERK?

How much do we need like Dr. Khaled Elnemer @ALNEMERK?

After 20 years of her journey with high blood pressure and weakness in the heart valves, and 4 years ago, doctors decided to perform an operation to install valves in my mother’s heart, may God protect her. Several at the hospital that performed the operation and other hospitals. The residency took us in for several months of reviews with Dr. Khaled Al-Nimr, a cardiac consultant at Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Hospital.After nearly two years, I found Dr. Khaled with a personal account on Twitter, and I followed him closely because he was my mother’s doctor, and I saw how he directed his knowledge, study and specialization in a way that benefits society. On a daily basis, Dr. Khaled presents simple and understandable information to the average person about heart health and diseases, on the widespread concepts about heart disease, whether true or false, and refutes them in a scientific manner, posing questions that he directs to simple people and others to medical students, and on top of all this he puts an email Through him, he receives questions and inquiries from people he does not know on Twitter and directs them with the correct direction, so I once sent him an inquiry about stopping the treatment of blood thinning because my mother needed to see the dentist and I got a response from him in detail on the same day that I sent my question to him.Dr. Khaled does not know me for sure, and he does not need my testimony in this regard, as he is a consultant in a prominent place and other places that I do not know. Articles in Al-Riyadh newspaper in a way that the reader – who is not a specialist in medicine – can understand, then by his presence in a crowded place like Twitter, he answers the questions of his followers, discusses medical students, and corrects misconceptions among some.The style pursued by Dr. Khaled is distinguished, as he is not lost in politics, sports or economics. He came to benefit others in his field of specialization and enrich our information about heart diseases rampant in our society. He advises his followers to visit the doctor and conduct a careful examination instead of giving his opinion in a situation he does not know the details of. I find in my personal opinion an example to follow in how to employ specialization and experience in serving the community and its members in a simple and effective way. Heart I say to the heart consultant, Dr. Khaled bin Abdullah Al-Nimr , thank you very much.

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