Groupon is small, Groupon for you and your friends!

Groupon is small, Groupon for you and your friends!

Do you know what a coupon ? If you don’t know, read this simple article and then read on. Throughout 10 years of online purchase, I got used to when I buy something in the local market, for a number of friends to ask me after that to buy them the same item by virtue of the fact that I am used to payment methods and shipping methods to the point where I have been asking for more than I need in some cases in anticipation For such requests. In a related context, I previously bought about 180 cups of this type of coffee , and it spread among my family and friends in a viral fashion.

With the revolution in social networks, the sharing of purchases and shopping experiences has become commonplace, to the point where I thought of creating a community of buyers proposing goods among themselves, and one of them orders the full quantity to save on shipping rates and to obtain a discount when you buy in bulk or what is called a convention in the world of online shopping. (Wholesale – Bulk). This would reduce the final price of the commodity to a minimum.

Since the idea revolves around electronic commerce, the obstacles are many and undoubtedly, including the method of delivering the commodity to its owner after its arrival in the Kingdom, for example, the methods of payment and its order, the method of dealing with damaged parts and who will do all these logistical matters. So I thought about making this society small and confined to the narrow circle of friends and acquaintances in preparation for organizing work and for ease of management in its early stages because it would be like a hobby and personal work and far from any institutional work or “organized business”.

This idea, upon its success and expansion in the Kingdom and the Arab world, could be the nucleus of a local coupon, which can negotiate with companies and obtain special prices in exchange for reaching a large segment of buyers in a very short time, and in a way that ensures the seller executes quick sales operations, especially when the goods are Obsolete ”or excess stock that he has and wishes to sell it at the earliest opportunity. It also establishes the authority of buyers and strengthens their position with a clear entity that includes them and facilitates the processes of obtaining remunerative discounts.

The idea may seem floating, messy, but in my view it is worth a try. How about you? How do you see the future of similar ideas? What are your suggestions for this “idea” project!

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