Do you know a digital good?

This may be one of the most common questions that I receive by virtue of my work in the digital, a government or private entity looking for someone to manage it or work on its presence in the digital platforms, well let’s re-formulate this question: What digital are you looking for? What is the definition of “good”?

In this post and what follows, I will try to answer this question according to my own perspective, and it is undoubtedly a mistake that may be right, and I am happy to hear your opinion on TwitterNow, let’s go back to the SDP program, and what is its relationship to this question or its answer? The answer is that the program gave me the opportunity to establish what I had been aspiring to for a long time, which is to define the digital field for its workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at least according to the peculiarity of our market and the quality of its audience. And building this path from scratch depending on what the company needs and what the market needs, and the distance from the theoretical side or what is based on platforms or products that are not popular or traded in our local market, and I hope that this proposition will be useful for those who wish to establish a new team to manage the presence of his organization on Digital channels or those interested in developing their skills in this field, by informing them of its many and intertwined branches, given that I do not believe that a person is an “expert” in all of these branches, but rather you must be a specialist in one or more branches, but you have broad knowledge of the rest of the branches.

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