Mom, dad and WhatsApp!

Mom, dad and WhatsApp!

My mother is fifty-nine years old and my father is sixty-four, two retired teachers with a degree of education and education, two daily newspaper readers, and Nokia phone users, but they did not have the opportunity to enter the world of the Internet and smartphones. About a year and a half ago I brought my mother an iPad, and under extensive instruction from my brothers and sisters, she became proficient in using the basic features of the device:

Browse the Internet-

Browse what is sent to thee-mail

Uses WhatsApp-

She uses Twitter.

During that period, I was trying to convince my father that using such devices is very easy and does not require experience or effort, but he was adamant that the train passed on such techniques, but after seeing how my mother learned during a short time he was encouraged, so he also acquired an iPad through it. Daily and electronic newspapers, Twitter, and local forums. Every day, after the dawn prayer, my father presents us with a morning greeting and a caring paternal invitation in the family (group).

What can be learned from the above talk is that technology has a very beautiful face here, in the past, and for those who live far from his family, communication was limited to a phone call every few days, but now technology has provided daily communication with those we love, we know their news, after the distance it becomes unimportant. Most importantly of all, persuading educated parents to use these technologies bridges the technological gap created by these devices, which is very rare, as it distracts children from fathers, what if our parents teach us on these devices and applications to be in touch with those we love?

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