Cuisinart DGB-900BC American Coffee Maker, First Read!

Cuisinart DGB-900BC American Coffee Maker, First Read!

If you have seen my previous post:  My experience of preparing coffee and advice from a friend @AbdDoweesh,  you will find that I used the Capresso 465 machine and  it was a very nice experience, and due to the circumstances of moving to a new job, I decided to re-experiment while avoiding some of the negatives of the previous machine (very few), so what are these negatives ? How did you reach a decision to choose another type of machine?The conversation with the godfather of coffee,  AbdDoweesh @, prolonged about the negatives of the previous machine, which revolved around two points:

  1. The previous and the next machine, both offer up to 12 cups at a time according to the European standard, 6 cups of almost giant American cups, it is noticed that the Capresso machine is when choosing only two cups and this usually happens when you come early to work, or you prepare it late and there is no Whoever shares the coffee with you, you will find that the cup of coffee is not hot (too), many of the coffee machines and the comments of their users on Amazon made this point, but Abdullah says that good machines increase the temperature of the water used to prepare the coffee when the required quantity is low to avoid this problem .
  2. I would have liked to have this model, which comes in a glass container instead of a thermos container, and contains a heated surface below this container to keep the coffee hot for as long as possible, but Abdullah indicated that heating the coffee after preparing it loses its flavor within half an hour, so this option seems always unlikely. And the most delicious coffee is what is drunk immediately after preparing it.

Awaiting the arrival of the machine, in preparation for trying it and keeping you and my colleagues’ opinions about it at work, its price via purchase from Amazon and direct delivery to Riyadh is approximately 950 riyals.

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