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Innovative (local) technical solutions: real estate prices as a model

Whether you are interested or not, you must hear from time to time the issue of real estate, its high...
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The digital system suitable for the Saudi market, SDF

Well, in the previous post we referred to the question that has no direct answer ( Do you know someone good...
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Why SDP from stc?

why now: A few days ago, on 1-28-2020, the annual party for the employees of the SDP program at stc was an internal...
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Sending entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz program for foreign scholarships is a beautiful idea, and...
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Dear young man, are you in good health?

Unusually, today's post is not technical. In October of the year 2012, as a result of excessive consumption of black American...
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Groupon is small, Groupon for you and your friends!

Do you know what a coupon ? If you don't know, read this simple article and then read on. Throughout 10 years of online purchase, I...
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Introduction: Before talking about Martech Marketing Techniques

There is always tech in various and famous fields such as FinTech or financial technologies, EdTech or education technologies and...
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